Long Vs. Short Graduation Dresses: Which Type Would You Choose For Your Body Type?

Choosing the graduation dress is an important, yet difficult moment for every girl. There are numerous types of graduation dresses to select from, thus it’s quite hard to make up your mind. Despite this fact, a thing is for sure: you have to look gorgeous on your graduation night. That’s why is very important to opt for a dress that covers all your body flaws and highlights your qualities.

Normally, the graduation dresses are casual and short, but it all depends on the location and your personal style and tastes. Also, these gowns are usually very colored and glamorous in order to offer you a unique look. Lately, increasingly more girls began wearing long dresses at their graduation parties.That’s how the dilemma appeared: should you wear long or short graduation dresses? It all depends on your silhouette and preferences. However, generally, the long gowns are worn by the seniors and the short ones by the juniors.

Many girls having their senior prom think that this is their night and that this might be their only chance to wear a long dress. The short dresses can be worn anywhere, at cocktail parties, birthday parties, etc., but you might have only one opportunity to put on a long frock. Also, the long gowns are much more formal and more appropriate for this type of event.

However, as mentioned before, it all depends on your style and body type. So, if you’re very tall, it’s indicated to wear a short dress because it will highlight your silhouette. Also, you shouldn’t put on high heel shoes. A long frock is perfect for the shorter girls, given that it will make them look taller. Accessorize it with very high heels and you’ll get the perfect look. The long dresses are also suitable for the young women that are over weighted, because they can help them cover this body flaw. The not so beautiful legs can also be covered with a long gown. Usually, a short dress highlights a perfect body and gorgeous legs. So, if you know for sure that you have these qualities go for a short frock and you’ll definitely stand out of the crowd.
The graduation dresses come in various styles, shapes and lengths. Yet, even if it’s a long or a short gown, what matters indeed is how it looks on you. Thus, wear whatever you feel comfortable in.

Coordinate Watch With Clothes For Looking Classy

Accessories have achieved the same status of dresses today. Men and women are equally crazy for them as they are for dresses. Their quality to give outfit a classy look has earned them laurel world over. Accessories like jewelry, scarf, leather gloves, handbags, hats, belts, watches, sunglasses, purses, shoes etc. are very high in fashion. Their addition to outfit enhances personality with greater degree. Even sometimes they are alone enough for making a statement.

This article is taking one such accessory into account that has charm everyone with its magical spell. It is the watch. Watch have become an integral part of everybody’s wardrobe and also completes the look. Unlike before when they used to serve practical purpose only of telling time, today they are worn more as fashion accessory. Watches can be worn with any outfit whether formal, informal, glamorous or casual. Yes but their style will differ from dress to dress. Also you have to make sure that your watch is perfectly complementing your outfit. Complementary watch gives a classy and rich look. For fulfilling the same watches come in different materials and designs. If you are unaware of how to match watch with your outfit read the tips below.

Tips for Coordinating Watch with Clothes
If you have to attend formal party or going to office or have to attend a business meeting wear watch having silver or gold band. Also it should have hands instead of digital numbers. It will give you a classy look with formal clothing like suit, pant, skirt etc.
If wearing casual clothes then certainly casual watch will only suit you. Watches having leather band are considered casual watches. These watches are simple yet elegant to look at. You can choose a casual watch that is either analog or digital.

If you wear clothes like shorts, athletic tops, track pants, sweats shirts etc. then you should go for sport watches. Sport watches are waterproof and digital. As your watch has to take twist and turns like you thus purchase durable one that is ready for all wear and tear. Seriously you will end up looking very smart with these watches.

If want to look fashionable and stylish then purchase watch of the same color of your outfit. You will look ultra chic in it. It is a perfect idea when going to attend glamorous events.

You can also experiment with watches by mixing and matching them with different clothes.
These tips are of great help in finalizing on the right style watch. Follow them seriously and you will never go wrong with watch-clothes coordination. For following the above tips you have to do few things like:

Your closet should have three types of watches i.e. a dress watch, a casual watch and a sports watch. Therefore whichever dress you wear can match it with same style watch.

Your watch should look new at all times. If they have become old it is better to replace them, because then only you will look profoundly good.
Watches are not necessarily to be costly but should be in a good and useable condition.
There is no match of branded watches, if having money does have them. They will not only raise your class but will impart same to your appearance.

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Tips To Buy Cheap Yet Classy Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid plays a significant role of accompanying the bride on the wedding day. People pay same attention to the dressing and makeup of the bridesmaid as they do to the bride and that is why bridesmaid must take special care while purchasing her dress for the D-day. There are a number of ways of buying cheap yet classy bridesmaid dresses and internet is the best options available for the same purpose. Brides can ask the bridesmaid to buy dress for herself as this way they can purchase cheap dresses and the ones they can wear even after the wedding. One must avoid purchasing heavy gowns for the bridesmaid that she can feel uncomfortable to wear on casual occasions. Buying a casual gown in elegant design is simply the perfect ways to save money on the bridesmaid dress.

Purchasing a heavy bridesmaid dress can cost you bucks and that is why it becomes essential to buy bridesmaid gowns that are light weighted and reasonable. The best way to save money on the purchase of the bridesmaid dress is to try a dress having casual fabric with sequined and lacy neck work. The bridesmaid dresses in this style can not only look different but also classy than other type of bridesmaid dresses. Bridesmaid dresses having wrinkle free fabric are growing popular among the bridesmaid craving for a cheap, comfortable and classy bridesmaid dress design. Brides can go for Dutch treat so as to get cheap bridesmaid dresses but she must set specific guidelines for the dress specifications that includes textile type, hem length and color combination of the dress. Going Dutch way can enable the bridesmaid to choose the dress that suits completely to her body size and choice.

Brides must pursue extensive research on the internet so as to choose the best online manufacturers offering cheapest bridesmaid dresses. Internet is one of the most popular means from where you can expect great bargains on the purchase of the bridesmaid dresses. A good online retailer can also offer fair return and price policy so as to satisfy buyers to the fullest. By opting to the online purchase of the bridesmaid dresses, you can save around 25% of the list price of the bridesmaid dress than the current marketplace. There are a number of discount mail order websites that can offer you interesting discounts of around 20 to 40% on classy bridesmaid dresses. Online retailers can also offer free shipping that can save your travel charges for buying the dress.

You can also save money by converting your prom dresses into bridesmaid dress by little alteration that includes taking out bows and ribbons. You can search the catalog of the varied departmental stores for knowing the varied discounts offered on the bridesmaid dresses. Self help is the best help and so you can enjoy a classy yet cheap bridesmaid dress by doing to yourself. You can sew the bridesmaid dress in your desired design so as to save money and look classy on the D-day of wedding. But if you do not know sewing then going for online retailers is the second best option to get cheap bridesmaid dress. Make sure that the bridesmaid is comfortable in the dress otherwise she will end up messing up herself and the bride while walking.

Are Plus Size Casual Dresses As Big A Hit As They Say?

Trends have always been something people religiously follow. In the past for BBW (big and beautiful women), this was not really an option. For the longest time, we’ve seen full figured women walk around in malls and stores wearing baggy outfits. And one can understand why that is. When shopping for dresses there are a LOT of cute and beautiful ones, however the selection of plus size casual dresses was, well less than adequate.

Thank goodness some DID notice and did something about it. With today’s trendy collections, there are plus size casual dresses found in many retail stores. There are even some stores that cater exclusively for the BBW, supplying wonderful and beautifully made plus size casual dresses.

Today, BBW who like dressing up get to do just that. And they look great. With plus size casual dresses, full figured women can finally look cute and stylish. Trends and fashion have always been here, but for BBW that wasn’t always the case. So now that there are plus size casual dresses, it’s a great thing for full figured women to be excited about.

Plus size dresses give these lovely and curvy BBW the option to dress up and look cute every once in a while. The availability of plus size dresses also encourages these BBW to WANT to look good, which is another great thing about them.

Some BBW grew up believing that they will never look sexy or cute in any clothes and that’s a sad truth. But with plus size dresses they can be. And that’s great for full figured women everywhere to know and realize. And even though clothes don’t make the person, they sure do help.

Plus size casual dresses allow any curvy woman to love her body and her curves. And with the many different kinds of cute and sexy plus size casual dresses out there, it’s no wonder more and more fabulous BBW are coming out and dressing in style!

Whether it’s a simple dinner party with family and close friends or a night out in the town, plus size casual dresses will rise to the occasion. They are beautiful enough to wear to an event and yet its cut and style is simple enough to be worn out on a date.

The best thing about plus size casual dresses are that it lets BBW be who they are, allowing beautifully full figured women to express their sense of style and taste through their clothes. It’s a great way to express themselves creatively and artistically through their choice of outfits and different looks.

And with all the beautiful and cute plus size dresses available, it also gives these stylish and curvy women the freedom to mix and match, which is another fun thing that girls love to do.

But the best part of all is that all these plus size casual dresses are here and they’re here to stay. So all the fabulous BBW out there can say goodbye to their sweatpants and baggy t-shirts and say hello to fabulous outfits, cute accessories, and all that attention. Remember my plus size friends…fashion is not only for the skinny. It’s time to show the world that beauty is not just a size 2.


All fabulously curvy women who love wearing the latest style of fashionable and trendy plus size casual dresses but are not lucky enough to have a plus size clothing boutique in their hometown can now safely and securely buy stylish plus size formal dresses on the Internet. And with the many different styles and cuts to choose from, it’s easier to purchase online because you get to see all the options available. This saves so much time when shopping for beautiful http://plussizeclothesonline.com.

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A Comprehensive Guide About Women’s Casual Dresses

After spending days wearing cocktail dresses, peep-toe pumps, snug suits and high-heeled stiletto pumps, kicking back in casual attire is the ultimate relaxation technique that can be used by women on the go. Casual chic has gained a lot of popularity in the streets and even in the workplace, the concept of ‘Casual Fridays’ has become widespread. This has provided women with more options than ever to dress themselves in a casual dress in a laid back and simplistic fashion or stylish one. The best part is that it is extremely easy for women to dress casually and they can apply it to a number of settings with the help of a few simple tips, which are discussed below:

Casual Dress at the Office

Stuffy and formal workplace attire has been ditched by a lot of designers and fashion heads and they are introducing a more casual and fun style of business dress. A number of companies have reinstated this sort of dress code meaning that every day is now a ‘casual Friday’. Hence, employees are still expected to be dressed in a semi-professional outfit, but they have the freedom to give up the traditional black business suit and the conservative shoes that go with it.

As far as women are concerned, this relaxation in attire requirements means that they can don semi-conservative yet semi-casual outfits like loose-fitting summer dresses and wrap dresses that don’t show much leg and cleavage, casual shirts and linen pants. Jeans and tops are also permitted by some companies along with sneakers.

Casual Street Dress

Women have a variety of opportunities to dress casually when they are out on about. It doesn’t matter if they are just taking a stroll through the park, doing some shopping in street boutiques or combing through books in a bookstore; there is always a casual dress for the occasion. Their choices in shoes can range from casual boots to chic flats to sneakers whereas jeans can be baggy or skinny. Fitted long-sleeved and short-sleeved tops, tank tops and t-shirts make for excellent casual street tops. You can also wear casual loose-fitting long or short dresses and pair them with low heels.

Casual Dress for Parties

Rather than going for the age-old option of mini dresses or short cocktail dresses, you can dress casually when you go to parties. However, this can also depend on the type of club and the nature of the party. Women who are attending parties where there isn’t any strict dress code or don’t feel like getting dolled up can opt for something on the casual side. You can also wear fitted tops with skinny or fitted jeans and complete the look by putting on low heels.

Women’s casual dresses give them the opportunity of being comfortable and fashionable at the same time. Dressing casually doesn’t require you to put in a lot of time and effort in getting ready and prevents you from getting caught up in appearances. Causal dressing can be adjusted for any occasion with a little bit of flair and sense.

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Looking to attract top tech talent? Then lighten up

It is no secret that South Africa, like many others, is fighting a war for talent. With global competition intensifying, local companies simply cannot afford to lose top talent to their overseas competitors.
Looking to attract top tech talent? Then lighten up
©ginasanders via 123RF
Although many South African companies spend a great deal of effort and resources to attract and retain talented professionals, some sectors are clearly fighting a losing battle. Arguably, IT and technology is among the embattled industries in South Africa, with a dire shortage of skilled IT professionals hindering the growth of a key sector.

Marc Gordon, a developer at local custom software development firm redPanda Software, argues that one of the major stumbling blocks is a stifling corporate culture. Despite the perception that tech firms are fun, vibrant places that allow their staff to play ping-pong in the day, he says that the reality is quite different.

“As a developer, I have been wary of joining a South African corporate because of the traditional management style and the ‘grey’, boring culture that permeates the work environment,” he explains. “In addition to being bogged down by corporate bureaucracy, I have generally found that there is little space to grow and to be challenged by new and diverse projects that can enhance my skills.”

Creative work, creative spaces

According to Gordon, local software development companies tend to be risk averse with regards to the types of projects and campaigns they take on, as well as how they tackle them. In his view, software development is both art and science, and talented developers are fuelled by projects that demand creative approaches and ongoing problem solving.

“Some companies do understand this, and they value that their employees are in fact human beings who require things that may not necessarily fit into the traditional corporate structure,” he adds.

For example, in addition to its casual dress code and on-site bar, redPanda has a ‘creative room’ with musical instruments and drawing/painting materials where employees can go to decompress and take time out. This kind of break is critical, argues Gordon, to effective problem solving and to being both productive and happy throughout the working day.

International exposure

Another major reason why many local IT professionals feel dissatisfied with their lot is because they lack the international experience and diverse projects that many of their U.S. and European counterparts enjoy.

This is one of the major reasons why Gordon snapped up the opportunity presented to him in his current role to undertake a three-month training project at a partner firm in the U.K. The experience was an eye-opener, but not in the way that Gordon had expected.

“As South African software developers, we tend to think that our market is immature, and that we cut corners in the way that we approach our work,” he explains. “Now, after having spent time working in the U.K., I feel that our local developers are on par with their U.K. rivals, and have learned to optimise the way they work out of necessity – and out of a knack for resourcefulness that is quite unique to South Africans.”

Having only recently returned from his training abroad, Gordon is optimistic about the local industry – although he says that companies should undoubtedly be rethinking their management styles in order to both attract and nurture local talent.

“Within reason, companies should definitely be looking into things like flexible and remote working,” he adds. “While it is true that not every Silicon Valley tech incubator embraces flexi-time, the most successful and attractive companies simply recognise that employees are human beings with a unique and individual set of needs and aspirations.”

First time job seekers: be prepared to meet opportunity

The final examinations for Matrics and tertiary students alike are in full swing, and while many learners are focusing on studying, writing and passing, the impending question of what to do next is still a concern for many.
First time job seekers: be prepared to meet opportunityTaking practical steps towards the future you always dreamed of can be daunting, but one thing is certain – you will need a job to get you there. It is said that success happens when preparation meets opportunity, so prepare your CV and cover letter and go on the hunt for the opportunities that will help you get your foot in the door to your dream job.

Here are some tips to writing a winning cover letter and CV:

Keep it simple: When typing up your cover letter and CV, use a legible black font on a plain white page. Avoid swirly artistic fonts, pictures, and themed backgrounds, as these can be difficult to read.
Uncover yourself: Your cover letter, which is usually an email, allows you to introduce yourself to prospective employers and explains why you are submitting your CV to them. This is your opportunity to sell yourself by providing information about your skills and potential contribution to the company. You should state why you are interested in the job, as well as why this person should meet you. End the letter by saying: “I hope to hear from you soon” or: “I look forward to your response,” expressing a subtle interest for further dialogue.
Divide and conquer: Divide your CV into sections, such as personal details, work experience, education, skills and references, and include relevant information in each. List your qualifications, institutions where you studied, subjects and year of completion in chronological order under the education component. Be sure to include any additional courses that you may have done as well as the computer programmes you are familiar with in the skills section. You could also include projects and roles in your educational career that have taught you valuable life lessons. First-time job seekers should include some of the services for which you have been paid or rewarded to do, such as babysitting, dog walking, house sitting and gardening. Candidates often forget to list vacation employment – this is very important as it shows that you have applied yourself to the world of work and gained valuable experience.
The refs: Prospective employers will need to contact people with or for whom you have worked to verify the information on your CV and get insight into your work ethic, behaviour, and performance, so include the names, contact numbers, and email addresses of at least two references to back you up.
Check, check and check again: Your completed CV should be between two and four pages long and you must check this for spelling and grammatical errors. If possible, ask someone that you trust to read it and help you identify possible errors.

Once you are completely satisfied with your CV and cover letter you can start applying for jobs. Don’t be disheartened if you get a few noes as persistence pays off and you’ll eventually be asked to come for an interview.

Getting nervous for a job interview, especially your first one, is only natural, but I suggest that you follow these dos and don’ts to help you make a great impression:

Preparation is the key: Do your research by reading the company’s website so that you can get a better understanding of its business. Based on this information, draw up some questions to ask your prospective employers as the interview is also an opportunity for you to learn all that you can about the company and to decide whether or not you would like to work there. Speak to friends who have either been interviewers or interviewees and find out what types of questions are typically asked. Think about how you would answer these so as not to be caught off guard when these are raised in your interview.
Dress for success: Many businesses do have a casual dress code, but when going for an interview, you should still dress in your best and the general rule is to keep it conservative. This will show that you take your career seriously and that you are professional, respectful and polite.
The small things count: Don’t go to bed late the night before the interview as you’ll need a good night’s sleep to be alert the next day. “Better late than never” or “fashionably late” do not apply for interviews, so make sure you plan your route and the time required carefully. Rather arrive earlier than you need to. During your interview, and even while you are in the waiting room, don’t fidget or slouch in your chair. By sitting up straight and keeping your hands on your lap or resting on the table in front of you, you will appear confident and attentive. And remember to be polite and smile.

Landing the right job will launch you into the future you have always wanted and armed with the right tools, the task will be less overwhelming for first-time job seekers.

A culture of en-title-ment

What is it with the new trend towards stupidly euphemistic and self-aggrandising job titles? Life is just loaded with ironies. And if memory serves it was Alanis Morissette who sang all about this on the track Ironic. Remember, the one where she carries on about flies on her Chardonnay and rain on her wedding day, and so forth?
More to the point, in the modern business environment there’s an unmistakeable trend towards dressing down. And while it’s certainly an international phenomenon, some say that in South Africa at least, Nelson Mandela may have had a lot to do with it, forsaking as he did the hideous suits and creaking formality so beloved of his stuffed-shirt Nationalist Party predecessors. And if you’re old enough, you might also remember the utterly hilarious hats worn by NP ministers and their wives for occasions such as the opening of parliament.

But ironically while formal workwear and even ties are fast going out of favour, the trend towards casual dressing is being countered by a local and global trend towards stupidly euphemistic and self-aggrandising job titles.

At the lowest level, for instance, the invariably spotty young character helping out in the local DVD or pizza shop is no longer an “assistant.” Oh no. He – or she – is almost invariably a “trainee manager.”

Canker has spread

The canker has spread to the automotive trade, too, and where once upon a time you had “salesmen,” you now have “sales executives” – never mind that until recently the word “executive” conjured up images of Chivas-supping, silver-haired corporate titans reclining behind mahogany desks. Not beer-bellied, polyester-jacketed purveyors of decaying Ford Sierras. Fascinatingly, you’ll very often find that these same “sales executives” no longer sell used cars, but “pre-owned” cars or, heaven help us, “pre-loved” cars.

Another chronic offender is the publishing industry. Only a decade ago, the person on a magazine responsible for laying out the text and pictures was called, obviously enough, a “layout artist” or a “designer.” Now the same person is almost invariably “chief creative director” – even if they’re in a department of one. Mere journalists, meanwhile, are very seldom just that these days. Instead they’re often “associate editor” or “copy editor” or “mayoral tea party correspondent” or some such nonsense.

Even the criminal fraternity is not immune to this trend. Today, even the lowliest grease-ball drug-runner furtively skulking on a street corner is a “drug lord.” Just read the newspapers and you’ll realise this. And never mind that the term “drug lord” once conjured up images of linen-suited, ponytailed South American cartel heads hunkered down in vast fortified estates.

Just a few other especially absurd flights of folly include “domestic assistant” for maid, “sanitation engineer” for rubbish-bin man and the now-ubiquitous “corporate affairs manager” for public relations officer.

“We have noticed this trend over the past few years and we find it faintly ridiculous,” concurs Robyn Thornhill, marketing manager of the Durban-based IRS (Industrial Relations Specialists) and a relatively youthful veteran of the corporate world. “So we make a point of staying away from the more euphemistic titles. For instance, we call our site agents just that: site agents. Not `executive labour facilitators’ or something equally foolish…”

Rachel Gilbert Dresses Are Perfect For Sporting That Glam Look

From poets and bards in the earlier centuries to the modern philosophers, writers, and authors, all have praised the beauty and sensuality that a woman possesses. Pick up the literature of any era and you would find the description of a woman’s beautiful blue eyes, her pink lips, her slim neck, and her slender body curves in eloquent terms. Rachel Gilbert Dresses are a modern way of paying tribute to the eternal beauty and sensuousness of a woman.

Made with rich, luxurious fabrics, Rachel Gilbert dresses let a woman showcase her beautiful body curves and lines. They are sexy and stylish and are perfect for sporting that glam look on a party or a special occasion.

Rachel Gilbert dresses are the signature style of Australian based designer Rachel Gilbert. Before starting her own fashion empire, Rachael was based in New York and worked as the Head Designer for Nicky Hiltons label. She has also worked with many eminent Australian fashion designers, including Lisa Ho and Morissey. Rachel Gilbert is renowned for her perfectionism and it is this quality combined with her acute business acumen that has driven the rapid success of the business thus far.

Luxury fabrics and fine hand beading make Rachel Gilbert dresses a perfect party wear. Phoebe dress by Rachel Gilbert, for instance, is a rich silk dress in pink with silver embellishment and scalloped hem. You may wear this glamorous dress to a party with a pair of high heals and a compact clutch for sporting that stunning party look.

Rachel Gilbert Trinity dress is a blue silk mini dress with scalloped silver sequin and beaded trim. Pair this shimmering number with your highest strappy silver heels and a box clutch to dazzle in the evening with that 1920s glam style and look.

Eva Dress by Rachel Gilbert is another super sexy dress for making a grand entrance at a party. It is Navy silk-blend, asymmetric dress with oversized ruffled shoulder strap and an embellished bodice. You can play off the rich navy hue with strappy silver heels and accessories to make a stunning style statement.

For that casual yet stylish look, you may consider Keara Short Fur Vest. It is a natural rabbit fur vest with zip-up front. You may team up this Rachel Gilbert’s chic and luxurious rabbit fur vest with winter knits and jerseys. As well as making you look stylish and impressive, this Rachel Gilbert dress would also keep you warm and cosy.

If you are wondering from you can buy these Rachel Gilbert dresses, you may log on to closetprincess.com.au The website is a renowned online Australia fashion boutique that offers a wide range of luxury fashion brands, including Thurley, Camilla, Nicola Finetti, Fernando Frisoni, Fleur Wood, Third Millennium, and several other Australian fashion designers.

Here you will find special discounts on Rachel Gilbert dresses and dresses, shoes, and bags by other leading Australian fashion designers.

Discounted Camilla Kaftans: Now, Looking Stylish Won’t Cost You

Kaftans are the trend for this season. Whether you have to go to work or for a casual lunch with friends or for a cocktail party, dress yourself in a designer Kaftan to sport that effortless cool and chic, yet classy look. For that distinguished style statement, you could buy Camilla kaftans.

Camilla Kaftans come from the fashion house of Camilla-a world renowned Australian fashion designer. Although, the Camilla label includes flamenco dresses, kimonos, jumpsuits and Geisha coats, it has earned great reputation in the world of Kaftans. Made of luxurious fabric, these kaftans are a rare mix of simplicity and style. Further, these kaftans are available in a wide array of designs and patterns, styles, and colours to meet varied tastes and preferences.

You may buy a floral print kaftan or the one with leopard print in short or knee-length, beaded kaftan or the one with frills and laces. With Camilla kaftans, you really will be spoilt for choices. This is not all. These kaftans let you suit them your individual style statement. For instance, you can accessorise it with a studded belt or hangings, or with a pair of heels or flat sandals for sporting a cool look or a formal appearance.

If you are conscious about the hefty price tag of these designer kaftans, you may visit closetprincess.com.au; it is a top-of-the-line Australia fashion boutique that is offering great discounts on Camilla kaftans and dresses.

You may go for Tulipanna Short Lace up Kaftan, a hand beaded black and white tulip print silk chiffon available at a discount of 40%. Team it up with a pair of jeans or leggings or with tights for that urbane cool look. However, if you are looking for something long, check out Python Long Lace Up Kaftan. This is a Python print silk chiffon with hand beading. Wear oversized glasses and high heeled wedges along with it for that stylish look.

In addition to the kaftans, you may also check out dresses. Closet Princess has Leopard tie strap dress and Porcelain long sleeve dress available at 20 and 30% discount respectively.

This Australian fashion boutique offers discounts on several other luxury fashion brands like Lisa Ho, Thurley, Nicola Finetti, Third Millennium, Fernando Frisoni, Lisa Brown, Shona Joy, and those from many other Australian fashion designers. Now, looking stylish won’t cost you much.